The Creation

Common Doobits

▫ Generative art. The artist's idea becomes art with the help of algorithms

▫ Quantity: 9800

▫ Background: blue

Rare Doobits

▫ Handmade items by the artist

▫ Quantity: 180

▫ Background: orange

Legendary Doobits

▫ Items handcrafted by the artist that have a selection and combination of special items created by the artist

▫ Quantity: 19

▫ Background: pink

Special Doobit

▫ Genesis Art. The first ready-made art by Doobits, which gave rise to all other arts

▫ Quantity: 1

▫ Background: blue

Doobit Plus

▫ Sketches by the artist that gave rise to the Special item, Genesis Art

▫ Quantity: 24

▫ Background: blue