10,024 unique, collectable and registered NFTs

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It all started with a mystery involving BoredApes, Boring Banana Co., Chubbies and CryptoKitties…



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All Doobits members have access to Sweet Home, an area where you can interact between Doobits and have a lot of fun! Some interactions between Doobits are licking, biting and creating packs. Besides that, in this area you can follow Ranking, manage Invites, access unlockables, might choose your Doobit name, and much more!

Get ready for Doobits

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Invitation is an unlockable attribute of some selected NFTs. A Doobit who has an invite can invite another Doobit from a lower rank to join their respective rank. The Rank Team does not have an invitation.

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Each Doobit rank releases a feature that can be used by its owner. The ranks are: Team, Racing, Swing and Lead. Features include licking, biting, choosing your own name and creating a pack.

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There is only 1 Doobit Angel, which has the power to lick and heal bites; 1 Doobit Devil, which has the power to bite and steal licks; and 1 Special Doobit, which has the power to lick, bite, name and create pack.

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200 Handmade Doobits - From the Artist's Hands to the Blockchain! The Rare, Legendary and Special Doobits went through a special creative process and were handcrafted.

9800 Common Doobits

> blue background

Common Doobits

180 Rare Doobits

> orange background

Rare Doobits

19 Legendary Doobits

> pink background

Legendary Doobits

1 Special Doobit

> shiny

Special Doobit

24 Doobits Plus

> first drafts

Doobits Plus

Adopt your Doobits!

There are 10,024 options waiting for you! Find the most powerful ones!

Doobit #666
Doobit #5844
Doobit #1224
Doobit #9959
Doobit #6280
Doobit #5077
Doobit #4637
Doobit #6671
Doobit #9999
Doobit #999
Doobit #5786
Doobit #333
Doobit #6465
Doobit #6915


  • Listing with promotional price

    All 10,024 Doobits released with promotional price for a limited time 👀

  • 08-17-2021

    Racing Doobits Revelation

    The end of promotional value for Doobits Racing Doobits 📣

  • 08-24-2021

    Swing Doobits Revelation

    The end of Swing Doobits promotional value 📣

  • 08-31-2021

    Lead Doobits Revelation

    The end of Lead Doobits promotional value 📣

  • 09-07-2021

    Special Doobit Revelation

    The end of Special Doobit Promotional Value 📣

  • 09-14-2021

    Revelation of Angel, Devil, Plus and Team

    The end of promotional value for all Doobits 📣

  • 10-05-2021

    Lick Power Release

    Yummy, now you can lick your friends! 😝

  • 10-07-2021

    Bite Power Release

    All Doobits except the Team group can bite! Get ready! 😬

  • 10-12-2021

    Choose Names Power Release for Special, Lead, Swing

    I bet you already know what you want to name your friend Doobit! It is released! Be creative!! 🤩

  • 10-19-2021

    Pack Power Release for Leads

    Group your pack with your other Doobit friends! 🐶🐶🐶

  • 10-22-2021

    Angel's and Devil's Special Powers Release

    Now Angel can heal bite 😇 and Devil can steal lick 😈. Protect your Doobits!!

  • 11-01-2021

    Ranking Licks and Bites

    These rankings will be released according to how many licks and bites they have. 📣

  • 11-08-2021

    Angel Doobit (owner address) receives 4 Doobits Plus

    You were very nice and behaved like an angel, that's why you deserve to receive 4 Doobits in your wallet!! 😇

  • 11-11-2021

    Devil Doobit (owner address) receives 4 Doobits Plus

    You were very mean, but life isn't always fair. That's why you deserve to receive 4 Doobits in your wallet!! 😈

  • 11-15-2021

    Special Doobit (owner address) receives 6 Doobits Plus

    As you are very special, you will receive 6 Doobits Plus in your wallet!! ⭐

  • 12-01-2021

    Pack Poster Unlocked

    Each formed pack will receive exclusive art with their Doobits! 😍😍

  • From 07-2022

    Release of Power Choose Names for Racing

    Surely you were counting the days to be able to choose the name of your friend Doobit! It is released! Be creative!! 🤩

  • From 07-2023

    Bite Power Release for Team

    All Ranking Team Doobits can bite! Get ready! 😬

  • From 07-2023

    Choose Names Power Release for Team Doobits

    It's time to choose the name of your friend Doobit! It is released! Be creative!! 🤩

We follow the GMT-4.

*This schedule may change. Stay tuned and follow updates on Discord!

Ms. Rose contributed to the investigations and reported: "...since the CryptoPunks opened those condos around the corner, the block is really busier and I've been trying to be nicer."



ERC-721 Contract

#10.024 Doobits

Launch Price 0.02 ETH

How to have a Doobit ?

Easy way for humans:


You will need an Ethereum wallet to store your Doobit . If you don't use one yet, go to this link to familiarize yourself and choose the one you like best.


Now that you have your wallet, just access the OpenSea marketplace and purchase your Doobit . See below for the link to access OpenSea!

Path for NFT Lovers:


Doobits are listed for sale on OpenSea. Access your account and get yours today!


The Artist

All Doobits artwork was done by artist CyboLabs. Our special thanks to you for contributing to the expansion and strengthening of digital art on the Blockchain.

CyboLabs, the artist behind the creation of Doobits, will donate 5% of its revenue from the Doobits project to an NGO that helps dogs. The NGO that will receive the amount will be chosen by the artist CyboLabs. CyboLabs wallet address:


Legal Notice

Each Doobit has different names and characteristics. These names and characteristics were selected from publicly available databases through various processes, including randomization. Therefore, our team did not conduct a conference individually. If you believe that any name or characteristic is being used in a discriminatory manner or is associated with any type of ideology, we ask that you send us an email so that our team can take appropriate action.

We have also created a story/play/fiction to interact in a healthy, ethical and integrative way. Likewise, if a person/company/authority/organization feels harmed or does not wish to participate in this story/play/fiction, please send us an email so that we can take action.