Have fun with the Doobits

To have fun with other Doobits, you must be a Doobit member. This means you must have purchased a Doobit!

Understand Doobits's universe:

1. Invitations πŸ“œ

β–« Invitation is an unlockable and non-transferable attribute of NFTs.

β–« Not all Doobits have invites.

β–« A friend-to-friend tip: none of the Rank Team Doobits have an invite.

β–« The Invitation can only be used once.

β–« Use the Invitation to to invite another Doobit from a lower Rank to your Rank.

β–« You can't invite other Doobits to a lower Rank than they are.

See which Rank have Invitation as an unlockable attribute:



Have an Invitation?


2. Powers ⚑

β–« Each Doobit Rank releases specific features that can be used.

β–« Features are: Lick, Bite, Pick Your Own Name and Create a Pack.

β–« Doobits Team: can lick other Doobits.

β–« Racing Doobits: can Lick and Bite other Doobits.

β–« Doobits Swing: can Lick and Bite and can Choose Own Name once.

β–« Doobits Lead: can do everything that Doobits Swing can do and can Create a Pack.

See what are the specific features of each Doobit Rank:


To Lick

To Bite

Choose Name

Create Pack

Cure Bite

Steal Lick

Racingβœ”οΈβœ”οΈFrom 07/2022❌❌❌
Teamβœ”οΈFrom 07/2023From 07/2023❌❌❌

3. Specials ⭐

β–« The Special Doobits are: Angel, Devil and Special.

β–« There are only 1 Doobit Angel, 1 Doobit Devil and 1 Doobit Special.

β–« Doobit Angel: has the power to heal Bites from other Doobits. Can't bite.

β–« Doobit Devil: has the power to steal Licks from other Doobits. Can't Lick.

β–« Special Doobits: you have 19 invitations to the Rank Lead, you can Choose Your Own Name, Create a Pack, Lick and Bite.

Check the table below to understand the specific features of each Doobit Rank:


To Lick

To Bite

Choose Name

Create Pack

Cure Bite

Steal Lick


4. Pack 🐢🐢🐢

β–« If your Doobit is in the Rank Lead, you can create Packs.

β–« The Pack is a group of up to 100 Doobits.

β–« There is a limit of 200 Packs that can be created. New ones will never be created again.

β–« Invite new Doobits to join your Pack.

β–« When you invite a Doobit to your Pack, you need to demonstrate loyalty and so you can never remove it again.

β–« A good relationship is a two-way street. Therefore, the same Doobit will never be able to participate in two Packs at the same time. He must be loyal to a single Pack.

β–« Doobits that are part of a Pack are immune To Bite.

β–« Doobits in a Pack will receive exclusive art from their Pack, created by our artists and nerds especially for the group. Keep track of dates by RoadMap!