How it all began?

We just love dogs.

But it wasn't so simply that it all started.

🧐 Investigative work:

We devote most of our lives to getting to know more about man's best mate. Our studies and research extended to the four corners of the world, and we became even better known after the publication of the thesis “The presence of underwater dogs in the North Arctic Circle”. This work earned us 2 super big globes and instant international fame. Our team was sought after for all types of investigative work. Max, Bobbie, Cosmo, Ben, Jean, Jed, Lady, Pal, Pete, Pard, Pippin, Sugar, and the list goes on. All satisfied customers.

☎ The call:

But one day we received a different call. Rose, a lady who was celebrating her 88th birthday, called our 24-hour emergency service reporting a story that was hard to believe...

She was looking for Moses , a CryptoKittie who had simply disappeared. "But Rose, our work is focused on dogs, I'm sorry." Rose insisted that we listen to her story.

👩‍🦳 Old lady Rose's account:

“I was preparing my 88th birthday party and that day a monkey knocked on the door. I don't usually talk to strangers, but since the CryptoPunks opened those condos around the corner, the block is actually busier and I've been trying to be nicer. So I answered, this BoredApe was a commercial representative of BoringBanana Co. . You know, I prefer a Chubbies based diet, but with this market, I ended up thinking it was worth it. ”

Rose bought the bananas, the monkey smirked, according to the lady's report, and left. Then the lady ate a small piece of the banana and gave a small piece to her Moses . At that same moment the lady had the runs and ran to the bathroom.

"When I got back, Moses wasn't here anymore!"

🥰 Hard decision! Or not...

"Rose, we understand your concern, but we don't know how to help you"

And at that time, Rose already sighing said:

" Moses was a cat, but I loved him like a dog."

And in the face of a love like this, how can you say no?

🙊 Finding a monkey can be a difficult mission:

We contacted BoringBanana Co. , which did not answer our phone calls. We did a search of all existing BoredApes and asked Rose to try to recognize that monkey who knocked on her door and sold the damn bananas, but she didn't recognize the individual out of thousands of photos our investigator showed.

😵 Talk to the Oracles of Delphi:

So we didn't know where to go to find Moses , that poor lady's CryptoKittie .

We started calling all our trusted contacts. We talk to PTBC Pirates , CryptoPunks , CyberKongz , etc. And even with the least reliable…

No clues.

No way out, we had to turn to the OneSea support team. Rascal, Dobie and Grideon finally managed to locate Moses in Polygon (formerly Matic). After eating the banana, the little poor was disoriented and could not find his way back home.

🤍 Old lady Rose's wish:

It was that afternoon, after we found Moses and brought him to Rose, that our lives would be transformed.

Rose was preparing her 88th birthday party (we found out she did this every week) and welcomed us with great joy. She was so happy that she invited us to stay that night.

We talked about many things, but we found out Rose's passion for dogs. She just kept talking about them, goldens, spaces dogs, labrador, etc.

And not wanting to offend, I asked Rose: "How does a person who loves dogs like you live here with only a CryptoKittie ?"

And Rose immediately replied: "Here we don't have nice dogs stylish like the CryptoPunks ".

🐶 The question that does not want to remain silent:

At that moment I realized that in all the time I had been looking for Moses , I hadn't even seen a dog…

"Oh My God, where are the dogs on this block?!"